Learn to hit the ball harder, with more consistency with VHL!

Our primary instructor is a former professional baseball player that has studied the swing for over 10 years. All of our instructors have the knowledge and drills proven to help hitters correct their swing and square up the ball.
I'm a better player thanks to Jake
Jake DePew is an excellent Hitting instructor. I’ve been with him for over 6 years now. He has an incredible understanding of the game. Since day one I’ve always felt like he explains things to me in a way that I can understand and has absolutely helped me to become a better player! I recommend him to any player looking to do the same! -Mason Roehr
I had zero approach in the batters box
"When I first started hitting with Jake DePew my swing was just too long. I had zero approach in the batters box and physically I just couldn’t do the things that are required to take good at bats against some of the better competition. Thanks to a swing change overseen by Jake and some real help in the mental approach to hitting I was able to cut down on the strike outs and take much better at bats. Over the last 3 months we have been able to add more rhythm and separation to my swing which have brought about some noticeable improvements in my performance. Everyone wants to be a better hitter but you have to put in the work so if you are willing to work as hard as your instructor then Jake DePew is your man!" -Logan Cromer
Jake has taught me that you are not going to get anywhere just going through the motions.
Jake DePew has done unthinkable things for me. Whether its things that are used on the field or things that can be applied in everyday life. He has completely transformed my swing while still allowing me to be myself in the box. Jake has taught me that you are not going to get anywhere just going through the motions. I think about the time he said this to me almost each and every day. It clicked to me as a way to live my life, and it gave me a motive to work hard and be successful. Now, to get down to the details of my swing. He changed my approach in the box ultimately making me more confident at the plate. He taught me how to stay "behind" the ball, and keep the barrel on plane for as long as possible. He also showed me how to get into my hips, and not just swing with my arms and upper half. Lastly he taught me that the best way to create power and hit the ball hard is the be explosive with the lower half, while still maintaining the correct order of movements with the body. Overall Coach DePew has greatly improved my performance on the diamond. -Frankie Derner

Our Process

We provide two avenues of hitting development for the aspiring athlete. These avenues are our In-house training known as the Hit Lab, and our Remote training known as the Virtual Hit Lab. All players, whether Hit Lab or Virtual Hit Lab will be provided an assessment that allows us to program the players development plan. We would ask that all players come in-house for our assessment and to learn how our program works. Our hitting assessments are done through three technology platforms, Blast Motion, Rapsodo, and KVest. These three platforms allow us the opportunity to get numbers on bat metrics, batted ball metrics, and body sequencing metrics. This allows us to create the best
development plan we can for each athlete.

Hit Lab (In-House)

Our Hit Lab clients will receive individualized programming for 5 days a week based on their assessment. They will be in the facility two days a week with Hit Lab staff (either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs) and will be responsible to hit on their own the other 3 days of the week. We ask that our athletes follow their programming to the best of their ability. Players will train in groups of three. All players will assess at the beginning and end of each training session. Training periods include Off Season, Pre Season, and In Season.

Virtual Hit Lab

Virtual Hit Lab clients will be asked to come in house for an assessment and to learn how the program works. After this, the player will receive programming to best fit their needs and the time of the year. This programming will be for 5 days a week, and we ask that the athlete follow this to the best of their ability. VHL clients will also have the option to come into the facility once every two weeks to check in. They will also have access to the Hit Lab staff on a weekly basis through video or by phone. All players will assess at the beginning of each training period (Off, Pre, In Season).

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