Learn to hit the ball harder, with more consistency with VHL!

Our primary instructor is a former professional baseball player that has studied the swing for over 10 years. All of our instructors have the knowledge and drills proven to help hitters correct their swing and square up the ball.

Basic Package:

For those who want to try it out.
$ 24
Single Purchase
  • 1 Video Analysis
  • Must be used within 1 month of purchase date
  • Great gift idea / try it out.

Advanced Package:

For those that want to improve their swing.
$ 69
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  • 3 Video Analysis
  • Must be used within 3 months of purchase date
  • Achieve improved results with a consistent swing!

Premium Package:

When finding that swing is a must.
$ 129
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  • 6 Video Analysis
  • Includes VHitLab T-Shirt
  • Must be used within 6 months of purchase date
  • Great for advancement to the next level.
I'm a better player thanks to Jake
Jake DePew is an excellent Hitting instructor. I’ve been with him for over 6 years now. He has an incredible understanding of the game. Since day one I’ve always felt like he explains things to me in a way that I can understand and has absolutely helped me to become a better player! I recommend him to any player looking to do the same! -Mason Roehr
I had zero approach in the batters box
"When I first started hitting with Jake DePew my swing was just too long. I had zero approach in the batters box and physically I just couldn’t do the things that are required to take good at bats against some of the better competition. Thanks to a swing change overseen by Jake and some real help in the mental approach to hitting I was able to cut down on the strike outs and take much better at bats. Over the last 3 months we have been able to add more rhythm and separation to my swing which have brought about some noticeable improvements in my performance. Everyone wants to be a better hitter but you have to put in the work so if you are willing to work as hard as your instructor then Jake DePew is your man!" -Logan Cromer
Jake has taught me that you are not going to get anywhere just going through the motions.
Jake DePew has done unthinkable things for me. Whether its things that are used on the field or things that can be applied in everyday life. He has completely transformed my swing while still allowing me to be myself in the box. Jake has taught me that you are not going to get anywhere just going through the motions. I think about the time he said this to me almost each and every day. It clicked to me as a way to live my life, and it gave me a motive to work hard and be successful. Now, to get down to the details of my swing. He changed my approach in the box ultimately making me more confident at the plate. He taught me how to stay "behind" the ball, and keep the barrel on plane for as long as possible. He also showed me how to get into my hips, and not just swing with my arms and upper half. Lastly he taught me that the best way to create power and hit the ball hard is the be explosive with the lower half, while still maintaining the correct order of movements with the body. Overall Coach DePew has greatly improved my performance on the diamond. -Frankie Derner

How it works!

Choose which package is right for you and purchase one of our Hit Lab Analysis Packages.

On the order confirmation page you can upload a video or select “email a hit coach” and send the video as an attachment. Note: For even the basic package the video can contain a few swings

One of our coaches will evaluate the swing and send you a critique via email, along with links to each of the recommended instructional exercises to practice.

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“HOOK EM” Drill- this is a great way to feel yourself get loaded in your back hip and create a proper hinge at the waist. As you stride out, focus on maintaining your hinge and hold on with your back hip as long as possible. #VHL #HitLab #drills #hitting


How efficient can your bat path be? @blast_bsbl @stone__2 #blast #swing #VirtualHitLab


Hit Lab T Shirts are in!! Limited supply, if you are interested, dm us quickly!


Here is our revised leaderboard at the end of our off season Hit Lab in Illinois. Congrats to our leaders, I am very proud of the work that everyone put in this winter! Time to translate it to the games! #offseason #HitLab #hitting #leaderboard


Landen Johnson, 2021 grad, joins the #100mphclub with this 380 ft missile! Keep working hard, it was a great offseason! #hitlab #VHL #swings #lasers


Congrats to Senior, Collin Salter on joining the #100mphclub today by posting a 102.1!! 🔥🔥#VHL #HitLab #swing #lasers


Hit lab member and 2021 catcher, Mason Roehr, posting triple digits again. Excited to see this on the field this spring/summer. #hitlab #lasers #hitting #VHL


2023 Catcher and Hit Lab member, Jayden Diaz. Smooth left handed swing with big power potential in the future. Keep an eye on this kid!! #hitlab #rapsodo #virtualhitlab


Lead arm patterning... the lead arm is extremely important in the swing. If you have a player that struggles with working across the ball or with “pulling of” this is a great drill to counter act that. The lead arm must work up and through contact. #VHL #hitlab #drills


Inside angle front toss is a great way to train barrel direction and shoulder patterning... the goal of this drill is to hit a line drive to the opposite gap. In order to do that, your lead shoulder must work up before rotating, and your barrel must work in that direction. #VHL #hitlab #swings #drills


Leaderboard for our in house Hit Lab at our Illinois location. A lot of hard work has been put in by these kids as well as many more! #hitlab #hitting #lasers


Landon Johnson 2021 with @gatorsbaseballacademy posting a big number today in the Hit Lab. Getting closer and closer to triple digits!! #HitLab #VHL #roundup #100mph